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Therapeutic Massage

30 Minute - $50 • 60 Minute - $70 • 90 Minute - $110

This classic full-body massage uses light to moderate pressure, promising to soothe aching muscles and relieve tension and stress.

Deep Tissue Massage

30 Minute - $55 • 60 Minute - $75

This full-body massage uses deeper pressure to release chronic muscle tension, relieve pain and restore proper range of motion.

Massage Room

Hot Stone Massage

75 Minute - $95
This massage combines the traditional therapeutic massage with warm polished basalt stones which are strategically placed o the body and incorporated into the massage to promote a sense of calmness and promote deep relaxation.

Aromatherapy Massage

60 Minute - $75
Our traditional therapeutic massage is combined with a unique blend of essential oils to melt away stress and tension. Beneficial for headaches, sinus pain, low energy and fatigue.

Reflexology Massage

30 Minute - $52

45 Minute - $58

60 Minute w/aromatherapy - $70

This treatment uses acupressure and massage on specific points on the hands and feet which directly correspond to various organs to promote wellness, stimulate the body's healing abilities and promote relaxation.

Prenatal Massage

60 Minute - $70

This massage caters to the mom-to-be, focusing on the unique stresses placed on a woman's body during pregnancy.  Safe for any stage of pregnancy (with doctor's approval.)

Red Massage Room

Thai Herbal Ball Massage

75 Minute - $105
This ancient Thai treatment involves muslin fabric balls containing medicinal herbs that are steamed and applied to the body.  Thai herbs have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties and offer a unique healing experience.

Foot Massage

30 Minute - $25
A ten minute soak in our jetted pedicure tub followed by a luxurious twenty minute massage utilizing pressure points and reflexology.

Couple's Massage - $140

Enjoy side by side 60 Minute Therapeutic Massages

Couple's Jacuzzi Suite Package - $185

Includes a 45 minute soak in our Jacuzzi Tub followed by a 60 Minute Couple's Massage

(Add Mt. Clemens Minerals or Champagne for an additional charge)

Couple's Massage

Couple's Jacuzzi

Couple's Infrared Sauna Suite Package - $185

Includes a 30 minute session in our deluxe infrared sauna followed by a Couple's Massage

Infrared Tables Infrared Room