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Nail Care

Acrylic Full Set - Natural Nails $45 - Tips $55

Fiberglass Full Set - Natural Nails $45 - Tips $55

Gel Full Set - Natural Nails $45 - Tips $55

Fills (Acrylic, Gel, Fiberglass) - $33

Dip Powder Full Set - Natural Nails $45 - Tips $55

Dip Powder Soak Off with Reapplication - $52

Soak Off (acrylic/gel/fiberglass/dip powder) - $20

Basic Manicure - $25

Spa Manicure - $35

Shellac Manicure - $35

Shellac Soak Off (alone) - $10

Paraffin Dip - $15

Nail Repair - $5

Polish Change and Buff (fingers) - $20

Polish Change and Buff (toes) - $20

Pedicure Room

Pedicure - $50
This relaxing 60 minute service includes aromatic foot soak, nail reshape, cuticle care, callus care, exfoliation, moisturization, foot massage and polish application

Spa Pedicure - $60
Our spa pedicure includes a full pedicure along with your choice of a paraffin dip applied to the soles of the feet, or a moisturizing masque applied to the feet which are then wrapped in warm towels. A relaxing 75-minute service.

 Heel & Callus Treatmant Pedicure - $65
This service includes a full pedicure along with extra care for dry, cracked heels and calluses. A safe, pain-free and relaxing way to remove dry skin build up and calluses. After this 75-minute service, your feet will be soft, smooth and beautiful!

Manicure & Pedicure $68

Shellac Manicure & Pedicure $77

Waxing Services

Please Note: All prices are starting estimates.

Eyebrows - $17
Upper Lip - $10 - $12
Chin - $12 - $14
Nose/Ears - $15 - $18

Legs - $50 Half - $70 Full
Stomach/Chest - $45
Fingers/Toes - $25
Back - $55

Underarm - $38
Arm - $35 Half - $45 Full
Bikini - $45
Brazilian - $75 - $80


Brazilian FAQ

Let our experienced, skilled technician take care of all your waxing needs in a professional, yet relaxing environment. Olympia Salon & Spa uses only the best waxes from Satin Smooth, a leader in the industry providing customized waxes and state-of-the art appliances.

Best Brazilians in Town!

Please Note: All prices are starting estimates.

Brazilian Wax - $75 & up
Bikini Wax - $45 & up

New to Brazilians?
If you're thinking about getting a Brazilian for the first time, here's what to expect --

What is a Brazilian?
A Brazilian is when the hair is removed from the entire bikini area, front to back, inside and out.  A small amount of hair can be left on the pubic area, a "landing strip" if you chose, or you can go completely bare.  Just let your technician know what you want.  This may be your first Brazilian, but it's not hers!

What can I expect at my first appointment?
We want to make this as comfortable for you as we possibly can!  That being said, you will need to remove all clothing below the waist so that we can give you the cleanest wax possible.  Your technician will guide you through the process.  Don't hesitate to ask her any questions or concerns you may have.

Will it hurt?
While it may not be as relaxing as many of our other spa experiences, most clients leave saying it was "not as bad as they expected."  Our technician will work quickly and efficiently to make the procedure as comfortable for you as possible.  The good news is, the more you wax, the less it hurts.

How should I prepare for my appointment?
You can start preparing up to two weeks before your appointment by exfoliating the bikini line daily with a loofah.  The day before, exfoliate the bikini line and apply baby oil to soften the hair follicles.  DO NOT exfoliate or use any lotions the day of your appointment.

How long will my appointment last?
Your entire appointment can generally be completed in about 20 - 30 minutes.

How long will the results last?
Approximately 3 to 4 weeks.  The hair regrowth will be finer and softer.  No razor stubble!

How long does the hair need to be before I can wax?
If this is your first Brazilian, a quarter to a half inch is needed.  The coarser the hair, the longer it needs to be for the wax to "grab" it.  Thereafter, as the hair will grow back finer and softer, about a quarter inch of growth will do.

Any more questions or concerns? Give us a call.
Our technician will be happy to speak to you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.